Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Name Over

in progress
Originally uploaded by Ape Lad.

At some point today, the "list of hobo named submitted by you for me to draw" passed the 200 mark and the submission form on the right was retired. Thank you to everyone who ordered a name.
Keep watching this space and my flickr account for piping hot hoboes delivered right to your eyeballs.
Sometimes I'll be posting pictures of my working process, and maybe even a video or two.
If you missed the opportunity to purchase a hobo name, keep watching this space for future opportunities to own original drawings and stuff.
Opportunities like this:
If you order a copy of my book, The Alphabet of Monsters (via that Lulu.com button on the right sidebar there), then email me your address I will send you a signed drawing on a sticker for you to place in the front of the book so it looks like I signed it. Free! I'll even buy the stamp.
Once again, thank you.