Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fan club thoughts and cheese

Cheese Plate with Sriracha
Originally uploaded by Refracted Moments™.

Apparently there are some problems with the poll daddy poll in the previous poll--I mean post. If you have a problem voting, post your preferred vote in the vote--I mean comments.
I'll be making some phone calls tomorrow and will let you know what I figure out regarding the fan club identification paraphernalia. The initial membership phase will likely be limited to 100*. I will be sure to announce it all well in advance of actually selling the memberships, so everyone who wants to join should have ample opportunity.
On another note, here's an interview with me via BlogInterviewer. Go there and rate me. (Please note: no actual microphones or wads of cash were used in the interview, as depicted in the banner.)
Finally, were you aware there is an entire website related to cheese slicing? Well, there is.

*This isn't to suggest there will not be other membership opportunities, but the first phase will be labor intensive and experimental in nature, like most things I do.