Monday, September 24, 2007

May I have your assistance please?

IF: you have a moment and
IF: you happen to be looking at the archive of cats comics on flickr and
IF: you don't mind
WOULD YOU PLEASE: take a moment to "tag" the caption?
WHAT THIS MEANS: See where it says "add a tag" in blue on the right on each comics page in flickr? Click on that, write the caption "in quotes please" and click the blue "ADD" button. Easy!
I hesitate to ask for this assistance because I don't want anyone hauling off and doing them all, and there is certainly no rush.
THE REASON I am doing this is to make it easier to see which captions I've used before.
I don't want to repeat myself, and neither do you.
Thank you in advance, your continued support and assistance is a credit to this organization.
The Management.