Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fan Club Giveaway

I don't mention my other freelance gigs very often on this blog; sometimes due to contractual obligations, sometimes due to not being able to post images until they're published, and sometimes due to negligence. This is a case of the latter.
Earlier this year I worked on a project with internationally acclaimed speaker Kirk Weisler. It's a book called the Cookie Thief and it was a load of fun to help create. You may have heard the story before, but Kirk has given it a unique spin and together we made it into a charming all-ages tale. You can learn more about it and see several of the pages on this site.
Kirk was nice enough to give me a bunch of copies of the finished book, and I'd like to give some to those of you who joined the Pip Fan Club as an additional thank you.
I'll be giving away ten copies signed by me. The winning fan club members will be chosen the good old fashioned way, from a hat, and announced some time in the coming days.
My plan is to have all of the fan club memberships in the mail by Saturday the 3rd. I'll continue to keep you posted on my progress.
Thanks again and again.
Oh yeah, and you can buy Kirk's book directly from the site too.