Tuesday, October 23, 2007

In time for Halloween: How to Hobo

Hobo costume essentials, Halloween 2007
Originally uploaded by Ape Lad.

The following items are generally considered essential in planning and assembling this year's hobo costume:
A. Hat: stove pipe, pork pie, fedora, bowler, etc.
B. Beard and/or stubble: women are not exempt from this requirement
C. Stogie: a Tootsie Roll or felt prop is acceptable for the underage hobo.
D. Bindle stick: may I suggest pine?
E. Patches: use in moderation please.
F. Bandana: for the neck sweat.
G. Bindle. Suggested contents: chalk, lint, inexpensive fruit-based alcohol, stogie butts.
H. Vest
I. Fingerless gloves. Always a classic touch.
J. Plaid shirt to be tied about the waist.
K. Trousers: the higher the level of disrepair the better.
L. This years hoboes are trending towards shoelessness. Blackened feet will make this a Halloween you will sure to remember for weeks to come.