Tuesday, October 02, 2007

UPDATE: A solution to the Fan Club membership issues has been found.

Again, sorry for the previous confusion. Here is how the membership offering will work tomorrow:
1. Approximately 75 to 80 memberships will be made available here tomorrow beginning at NOON Pacific. They will be available for $35.00, which includes shipping. Watch for a post and a new paypal button in the right column.

2. The remaining memberships (for an overall total of 100) will be made available at apelad.etsy.com beginning at 11pm Pacific. This is being done for those who do not have paypal or who may be at work during the initial roll-out, or who are outside the US of A. (I really don't know how fast the initial phase will sell out, so it's likely this step won't be necessary). The Etsy price will be $36.00 to cover the listing and selling fees there. Also, you will need to sign up on etsy. It's free and easy.
I sincerely hope this adequately addresses all of the concerns that were raised.