Monday, November 19, 2007

Calendar of events and a few things to consider

My Fall Photo
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1. Did you see this? I'll upload those drawings soon.
2. Do you visit If not, you should. Especially tomorrow.
3. A secret will be revealed this week. Not the fan club secret, a different, new one. More on that later.
4. I will begin selling original Laugh-Out-Loud Cats drawings again next Monday, for those who want to give one as a gift. They will be available until I feel like I'm at a point where I can get them out before the holidays. The $10 fan club memberships will remain available no matter what.
5. I hope to have all of the second round of fan club memberships in the mail by the 1st of December. I will begin mailing some later this week, as my holiday schedule allows.
6. There will be comics posted today, tomorrow, and Wednesday. After that, things get busy with family and holidays and such.
7. Check out this group on flickr. I think we all know someone who would enjoy the photos therein.