Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Neck and neck

check up from the neck up
Originally uploaded by The Consumerist.

With less than an hour left in the polling, the results are neck and neck (or as some say "neck in neck").
While we wait, here are a few notes of clarification:
I'd be happy to email a pdf of teh Leaflet #2, guest edited by Kitteh, to any of the first round Foundlings, once it's done.
The signed postcard and super-secret will be included in the third, $10 round. The only difference between rounds 2 and 3 is no original art will be created for round 3.
Also, the memberships available at apelad.etsy.com will begin 12 hours after they become available here. Etsy allows for money orders.
Thank you for your patience with me. I am relatively new to this, after all.