Monday, November 05, 2007

Pip Fan Club Round 2 Announcement

Pip Fan Club Round 2
Originally uploaded by Ape Lad.

See it in full, readable size by clicking on this sentence.
Please note, I probably shouldn't do personal requests on the cat comics since I didn't allow for that in the first round, and I want to be fair to everyone. The hobo names are sort of my concession to this (I also threw it out there to see how many people are interested, and for those who never had the chance to order one so many months ago), which is fine since they will probably have a quicker turnaround (no writing involved, you see).
These will be sent as they are drawn, beginning next week (once the remaining comics in the queue are finished (which, as promised, will include a membership card) and the still to be decided upon color postcard is printed.
As last time, I don't know how long these will take to sell. I plan on leaving it open for a hundred or so. Maybe more. The longest turnaround time would be about six weeks (probably and hopefully less), which puts us right around Christmas.
The "round three" memberships noted at the bottom will include everything except the original drawing and once they are available will always be available.
Finally, the special giveaway items will include signed copies of the Cookie Thief, leftover lapel pins, surprise color drawings, and more.
Thank you all. I hope this sits well with everyone. Email me if you have any questions, objections, or otherwise.