Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Update to the Missing H rule

Miss Ruth H. Helm
Originally uploaded by a.e.wolf.

For those just joining us, if ever you see that I forgot to hide a hobo sign in a comic*, post a comment here or on flickr stating such and you will win a free comic**.
The last batch included two comics without signs and one lucky visitor emailed me about it. I would prefer that this is done through the comments so we can see the timestamp in case of dual claimants. Thank you for allowing this clarification.
The photo above has nothing to do with anything, aside from the fact that it came up when I searched for "missing H" in the cc pool on flickr.

*This is not retroactive. I forgot quite a few in the early days.
**There is no reward for the times I forget to sign the comics. Aside from the reward of my gratitude for it being pointed out.