Friday, December 28, 2007

Favorite stuff from 2007: Red Beard

Okay, so this movie isn't from 2007, but this is the year I finally saw it. This trailer doesn't do it justice, and I highly recommend it. It might even make you cry.
I'll probably post a couple more of my favorite things before this year is out.
A comic will be posted later this evening. I'm going to stick with one post a day once the new year rolls in for two reasons: my parents will be in town. I guess that's only one reason, but two people.
There is a backlog of comics, and I am sending comics as they are done, so there is no slow down in mailing them. My turnaround time is still about two weeks, so if you've ordered something over two weeks ago and it hasn't shown up, let me know.
Finally, even though I'm slowing down to one a day (and none on Sundays...usually), I'll probably do catch-up days where I post several at a time. We'll see.