Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tweets from a Very Old Man

Here's a repost of a previously transmitted message regarding a (no longer difficult to locate) twitter account wherein you can win original art and other things from my possibly non-existent Great-Grandfather:
Greetings from Pitcairn Island.
In order to combat the loneliness inherent to manning this desolate numbers station, I've started using, as I'm sure many of you have (though I hope for better reasons than mine).
If you would like to find and follow me on Twitter, please refer to the first video featuring me on BoingBoing tv.
My Fark handle is the same as my Twitter handle, with no spaces.
Be the first to find me on Twitter and my no good great-grandson will send you something. [Congratulations @sgnp]
But wait, there's more: from time to time, I will post updates on Twitter that will begin and end with 3 stars. Like so: ***blah blah blah***
Be the very first to properly translate these starred tweets and you will receive one of many possible surprises:
Original art from "the laugh-out-loud cats sell out", signed postcards, or something else.
In order to win, simply be the first to reply with an "at" symbol, followed by my Twitter name, then the decoded message.
If you are the first, I will contact you in due time: there's no need to pester me. I am very old.
You will need to sign up with Twitter in order to win (you were going to anyway), and you can only win something once.

Good night. May the calming hiss of the ocean be your lullaby.


So far I've given away several pages of original art from the book, a poster, some postcards, a sticker or two, and other things. Will you be the next winner? WILL YOU?!