Sunday, May 06, 2007

Mnemonic MonKey Pirate

Mnemonic MonKey Pirate
Originally uploaded by Ape Lad.

Hey kids! Can you decode the number/letter combination depicted in this illustration?
Beginning at the top, with the goose egg on the right, then proceeding clockwise we see a roman numeral. Next up is a function key. Then there's salt (I wonder what the atomic weight of sodium is?) followed by another goose egg.
The monkey's holding up a couple of fingers, and his tail is making a funny shape too! What's that on the flag? Down from there we see a tungsten bulb (again, what's the atomic weight of tungsten?).
Continuing clockwise, we see an airplane. Not just any airplane, it's a Domodedovo jet! Awesome! I wonder what their IATA code is? From there, we proceed to the marks on the monkey's peg leg. Oh look! A bee! Maybe he's going to get a d8--I mean date from that tree!
Up from the tree we see a billboard for the lovely state of Montana, our 40th state. Or was it?
The monkey is holding a pair of dice and has just tossed an envelope. Not just any envelope, it's a size c5 to hold that crazy mathematical equation.
I hope he's careful with that rock! It looks like barium!
Next to the rock we see an ad for piano lessons. How many keys does a piano have?
We're almost done as we come to the moon that looks like a letter, and finally another goose egg.
See kids, with this simple mnemonic image, you'll never forget even the most complex numbers.
If you do, google has it posted almost 2 million times. Just type in the magic words "AACS key" and they will provide the solution.

Would you like a handy copy of this for you or your monKey pirate friends? Click here, and thanks for playing!

Also kids--please note: this is not one of the custom monkey postcards. Those will start showing up tomorrow and are still available via my blog at