Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Laugh-Out-Loud Cats #187

Laugh-Out-Loud Cats #187
Originally uploaded by Ape Lad.

Number 200 is fast approaching. I'll try to have something special for the momentousness.
A couple of quick points to make for those who may be new to these parts:
1. You can own an original Laugh-Out-Loud Cats drawing like the one you see here. See the button at right, near the top, for details.
2. But you can't own this one. Here's how it works: I get the order, I draw teh cats. Then I send it. Everything you see posted here or on flickr has been sent or is about to be.
3. I'm happy to oblige requests, within reason. I won't add ads or anything like that, but if you have a specific LOLism you like, I'll see what I can do. I'm also trying to keep things on the all-ages level, though there have been some rather oblique references along the way.
4. Once again, and I cannot say this enough: thanks!