Saturday, October 25, 2008

A few notes regarding the upcoming sale of comics

1. The sale will take place on etsy. Here is the link.

2. To see the comics which will be sold, click here.

3. Most of the comics are on "archival" paper, but a couple dozen are not and will look like the image above. They are on white paper, drawn in ink, with the yellow sketch (marker) clearly visible (though not so clearly as in the above photo). Some are also a bit larger than 4x6 (the standard size for the archival ones).

4. The sale will begin at approximately 5pm Pacific, in a little over three hours from the time this blog entry was posted.

5. The price will be $21.00, including shipping worldwide.

6. They may be posted in waves, or even one at a time, depending on how well etsy works with this sort of thing. This is my first time using them to sell comics, so there may be a few bumps.