Monday, August 15, 2011

Three links...

Teacher talks funny by Ape Lad
Teacher talks funny, a photo by Ape Lad on Flickr.

...all woot related. Feel free to ignore them if you're tired of this sort of thing.

First: the above image is currently up for voting. If you're a woot customer, you can vote here.
Second: this shirt is doing really, really well. It's currently number one on the charts over on woot, so thanks again to everyone who has bought one. Woot shirts stay on sale as long as they sell well, which brings us to link the
Third: this shirt did pretty well last week, but it risks falling off the charts completely in the coming days. Again: thanks to those who've bought it, and if you're on the fence about getting one, time is running out.
Now back to our regularly scheduled cat comics.