Monday, September 26, 2011

Laugh-Out-Loud Cats #1800 (and some notes)

Laugh-Out-Loud Cats #1800 by Ape Lad
Laugh-Out-Loud Cats #1800, a photo by Ape Lad on Flickr.

See it a bit bigger here.
It's hard to believe we're already at 1800! Thanks for all the support and encouragement over the years! Here's to many more. Well, at least a few more. Maybe a couple?
I still have no idea when this will wrap up (though I do know how). I'm enjoying it too much to think about it.
That said, I will be taking a break in a couple of weeks. Not a long one, probably 10 days or so.
Also: thanks for all the votes that have come in on this shirt and this shirt. I know t-shirts and comics are different worlds, and I really am grateful for those of you who support both endeavors.
Also the video games. Who can forget those? Cars 2 is doing really well, and if you've played it, you can see why. It's very fun, and if you follow any of the video game rating sites, the critics seem to agree as well.