Friday, September 23, 2011

While I'm on the subject of Teh Foundlings group on flickr...

Pip by halcyonsnow
Pip, a photo by halcyonsnow on Flickr.
... here's an idea. If you have one of my recent shirts from woot and aren't camera shy, post a picture of it in the group here. If you are camera shy, maybe a picture of your dog or neighbor wearing one of my shirts. That could be fun.
If you do it, I'll send you something. Something I've drawn, involving the cats you've probably come here to see. I don't think too many people come here to read about shirts, but that's what's going on tonight.
I think I'll limit this to the first dozen or so, which, judging by the activity over in the flickr group, will take several months.
That's all the links for now. Standby for tonight's comic, which has lobsters in it.

Nobody draws like Halcyon Snow.