Monday, November 21, 2011

a brief follow up...

Numbirds by Ape Lad
Numbirds, a photo by Ape Lad on Flickr.

Thanks to everyone who bought the aforementioned shirt. It did really, really well, and I'm grateful. It's still available for $15, and will be available till it falls out of favor with the shirt buying public.
The longest run I've had on a shirt at woot is my table of elements shirt, which is still available, but looks to be dropping in the rankings just as it's about to hit 10,000 sold. I've yet to see one of them in the wild, so maybe it's just one guy buying them all. Thanks whoever you are!
I won't mention which shirt of mine has performed the poorest on woot. I don't want to hurt its feelings.
Meanwhile, thanks for the rally of votes on the design seen above. It's not likely to win, but it's the thought that counts. Maybe I should have included 6604 5508, though he's not a bird.
There are lots of exciting hobo cat, and shirt, and otherwise interesting things coming up, and I'll do my best to keep you posted. Thanks again!