Thursday, November 03, 2011

Wrong box, doc.

Wrong box, doc. by Ape Lad
Wrong box, doc., a photo by Ape Lad on Flickr.
This is getting lots and lots* of votes** in the current derby over on Thank you, WHOever you good people are.

*It's currently "in the fog", which means it's in the top nine. This doesn't mean it is guaranteed to print, but it has a better chance than it did yesterday. Please keep sharing it with your wooting or WHOing friends, in case they'd like to vote for and wear it in time for Thanksgiving. I understand some television stations broadcast TV show marathons on Thanksgiving. When I was a kid it was Twilight Zone on KTLA. It was fun till they played the longer episodes.

**In order to vote, you need to have made at least one purchase on any of the woot sites (,,,, etc). If you have made a woot purchase in the past, and you are logged into the site, there will be a very small tab above the upper left corner of the image which reads "I'D WANT ONE". Click that! That's voting!
Sorry. I know I repeat this process a lot. It's my most F A'ed Q! Well, that and "what kind of pen*** do you use?"
***A: I'm quite fond of the Kuretake FUDEGOKOCHI, available from

UPDATE=Sorry for the messed up formatting. This happens every single time I post a very long entry on this blog. Me and my cumbersome fingers!