Friday, March 02, 2012

Lots of designs up for voting once again

seQRet message

Who goes there?

A taste for adventure

Sculpting a snowman

Slow and steady

The number one most viewed hologram in the galaxy

All of these designs are up for a re-vote over on Clicking on the title beneath any of these images should take you to its voting page. (If any of the links don't work, they're all visible and votable at )
If you can*, would you mind voting for any or all of them? If you can't or don't want to, would you mind tweeting, pinning, facebooking, tumbling, redditing, or whatever elsing this post so your close personal friends who might like them are given the opportunity to vote? 
There's no obligation to buy anything, and a salesman will not visit your home.
I know it seems like a lot to ask, and you probably don't visit this site to be told what to do, but it's things like this that keep the cats rambling and keep me drawing.
Thanks! You guys are the best! I truly mean that.



Only users who have made at least one purchase at any Woot site may vote in the Derby. If that’s you, just click “I’d Want One” next to any designs that catch your fancy. You can vote for as many different designs as you like, but only once per design. If you don’t see the “I’d Want One” buttons next to the designs, you’re either not logged in, or you’ve never bought anything from Woot. Go log in and/or buy something if you want to vote.

Derby Schedule
Thursday at noon: Derby theme is announced
following Friday at noon: Derby opens for submissions and voting
following Wednesday at noon: submissions close
following Thursday at noon: voting closes, winner announced
following Friday at 12:00:01 AM: winning design for sale on Shirt.Woot