Thursday, June 28, 2012

I hope your clicking finger is ready...

...because here comes a barrage of links. I usually do things like this on nights when I have a shirt up on shirt.woot. Nights like tonight!
Here's a link to Liar's Paradox, the latest of several I've designed for shirt.woot over the years. I've never actually counted how many I've done for them. Maybe I should.
You may remember a recent shirt called Relative Dimensions, which was available on the site until a couple days ago. It's not there anymore, but it is on their Amazon shop if you missed it. Their Amazon shop is a new development, and I don't know how long things last there. So get it while you can.
If you pay any attention to the Reckoning on shirt.woot, you'll know that this design nearly died the other day (by which I mean it almost fell of the sales charts). Things are very democratic over there, and designs only last as long as they're selling. I wish I could thank all of the people who helped keep the little green dude alive another week, so I will: THANKS!
In non-shirt related linkage, this set of customized twitter avatars has been getting lots of traffic lately, what with twitter's new bird design. The bird's name is Larry, by the way, and my name is @apelad on twitter.
For those visiting for the very first time, and patient enough to read this far, Ape Lad is the name my phone number spelled when I lived in Orlando, Florida. I don't live there anymore.
You can find lots of other information about me at about me.
That's all for now! Thanks for visiting and clicking. Below this post you'll find 2002 installations of a webcomic called The Laugh-Out-Loud Cats. Read them at your own pace.