Monday, October 14, 2013


Lynx by peacay
Lynx, a photo by peacay on Flickr.

A few links to be aware of:
Pants vs zombie is doing well in the derby! Thanks for the votes. Keep it in the fog!
My eight year anniversary on flickr is coming up. Here's the first picture I ever posted there.
There are still lots of original comics for sale right here on my etsy shop. If you ordered one last month and still haven't received it, let me know.
Check out this NASA map of the world used by astronauts!
There's a shirt-off* on shirt.woot coming up later tonight. I might have some designs in it, but I'm not sure. More details here.
My recent snail shirt is about to fall out of the $15 range on shirt.woot, but it'll still be available here, with all of my other designs. I think that's all of them. There might be a couple more listed under my actual name, whatever that is.
The next Laugh-Out-Loud Cats book is coming along nicely. I'll have proofs soon, and then I'll figure out a release schedule. You'll hear about it here (or on my twitter or flickr) first.
Finally! Click on the picture above and follow Peacay on flickr. Wonderful images!

*not what it sounds like.