Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Holy Mackerel

Holy Mackeral
Originally uploaded by detoxicide.

First of all, thanks to "Holy Mac" for suggesting Mona Lisa Monkey and Hellmonkey to boingboing. I really appreciate it and hope to repay you somehow even though I have no idea who you are. If you don't read, you should. It is as wonderful a directory as their byline claims.
Also, apologies are in order:
First, to Rick Meyerowitz, whose work I am very familiar with, though I had never seen his Mona Gorilla. I didn't even know he painted. I'd only seen his cartoonery. His version is awesome. I was too young to be reading National Lampoon in those days. So young in fact that I wasn't even born yet.
I also apologize to anyone who speaks Spanish, which obviously does not include me.
And finally, thanks to those of you who have taken the opportunity to type a monkey name into that box over there. There are some funny ones on the horizon, and I am grateful and excited we can collaborate in this apparently underpriced manner.