Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Info about tomorrow and changes on the right side...

Tomorrowland structure
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Here's how things will proceed over the next day: I'll post the remaining orders for comics and critters throughout the day, and maybe into the evening. There are about 12 or so in the queue, but I've got lots of suggestions and roughs already planned, so it's just a matter of drawing and posting them.
You may notice a couple of things have already changed on the right side of the blog: the critters project has been put on hold for the duration, and there is a note regarding "regular" orders of comics. They will be drawn and sent after the Fan Club orders have been drawn, assembled, and sent, which could take up to a month.
If you are considering ordering a comic for the holidays, it might be a good time to so, in order to be at the front of the line after the Fan Club. I will keep everyone posted on my progress as things move along.
Also, there is still #300 to look forward to. Another teaser: lots and lots of leafs.
Also, I will continue to participate in the Neatorama Caption Monkey Contest, so sharpen your caption writing skills and post over there for a chance to win a drawing.
Finally, to recap how the Fan Club orders will work:
a) be here tomorrow at NOON PACIFIC to order one of approximately 75-80 memberships via a paypal button at right.
b) if* you miss the chance here, visit apelad.etsy.com at 11PM PACIFIC to order one of the remaining memberships.
*This might not be an issue, I really don't know how fast or slow things will go. If you want them to go slow, please do not tell your friends about this groundbreaking opportunity. That way you can swoop in and reap lapel pins and membership cards!
And lastly, of course, my humble thanks. Your support and encouragement and comments mean a lot to me.